Sahagins are humanoid reptiles with webbed feet and a large shell on their back like a turtle. Their scale colours varies from green to blue, red to purple, and most are seen using Tridents, however Sahagins are known to use any weapon that is easily available to them.

Sahagins are comfortable to build their colonies in underground sewage systems or in marshes. They are creatures of the swamps mainly; however they also have desert colonies as well. Sahagins are usually peaceful, but will attack anyone who attempts to threaten their families and homes.


To play a hero that is highly resourceful and agile.

To be a skilled athlete and have expertise in polearms.

To be a member of a race that favours the Dragoon, Fighter, and Ranger classes.


Sahagins have the following race traits.

Ability Modifiers: Your Constitution score increases by 2.

Medium-Size: As Medium-sized creatures, Sahagins have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Speed: Sahagin base speed is 6 squares.

Expert Swimmer: Sahagins are excellent swimmers, and can reroll any Athletics check made to swim; taking the better of the two rolls.

Polearm Proficiency: Sahagins are considered proficient in polearms, regardless if their class permits it or not. In addition, they receive a +2 race bonus to Melee Strike checks with polearms, and a +2 race bonus to Ranged Strike checks with polearms when used as thrown weapons.

Languages: Sahagins can read/write and speak Saha and Basic.

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