Grims are small folk that live in forests. Their main tribes are on the West Continent, which includes the island of Wutai, however they also live in the Corral Valley on the northern hemisphere.

Grims have large pointy ears and a small pointy horn in the middle of their forehead. Their skin colour ranges from creamy white to lush pink and their eye colour ranges from orange to gold. They tend to only have body hair on their legs.


To be a hero that possesses the gift of magic.

To be a member of a race that feels socially awkward towards members of other races due to their own appearance.

To be a member of a race that favours the Mage and Scholar classes.


Grims have the following race traits.

Ability Modifiers: Your Charisma score increases by 2.

Low-Light Vision: Grims ignore concealment (but not total concealment) from darkness.

Small: As Small-sized creatures, Grims gain a +2 size bonus on all Stealth checks and gain a +2 bonus to their Reflex Defence, but their lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters that of Medium-size characters.

Speed: Grim Base Speed is 4 squares.

Adept Spellcaster: For a number of times per encounter equal to 1 + their Intelligence modifier, Grims can reroll Spellcasting checks made to cast magic, keeping the better of the two rolls.

Magic Resilient: Grims receive a +3 race bonus to their Magic Defence.

Languages: Grims can read/write and speak Grish and Basic.

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